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Plancha grill

For professional use, a commercial plancha grill can serve as the perfect catering equipment to give the best barbecues. There are two types of this equipment (gas and electric plancha grill). This article will provide more information needed to purchase them and also on how to choose the best plancha grill.

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Catering equipment

The basics on learning more about the equipment

Selecting the equipment comes with great options. Either gas and electric or carbon steel or stainless steel. All in all, these are the simple features included in the equipment. However, there are factors to consider when choosing the best plancha grill to purchase.

  • Quality of the cooking plate, a good one within the budget.
  • Considerable size, one that will fit the number of people intended.
  • Number of burners to reduce cooking times.

The good thing is that this equipment takes up less space, more affordable plus used either in the kitchen table or the balcony.

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Catering equipment

Main characteristics of the cooking plate

As briefly discusses some of the features that the equipment entails, we are going to discuss in depth what a good cooking plate contains.

1. Enamelled cast iron

It ensures that there is even distribution of heat all over the burner since it has an averagely genuine thermal conductivity. When in need of good Barbecue equipment, consider taking one that has enamelled cast iron as the cooking plate.

2. Hard chrome plating

This kind of plating offers good quality of foods when cooking. However, getting one that has this plating may have a fairly high price. The good thing is that the advantages are surmountable. It gives an easy time when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.

3. Stainless steel

Stainless steel can withstand high levels of temperature. They catch heat at a fast rate. Besides as much as all these qualities make it easy to cook, they later give an easy time when cleaning

4. Carbon steel

Carbon plates are highly scratch-resistant materials making them the best choice when looking for durable materials. However, when time lapses, corrosion can easily set in. Thereby resulting in the material wearing off. As this is the case, constant maintenance and cleaning will make it reduce the effect of rust (regular oiling).

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Catering equipment

Additional products for the equipment

Other than the above distinct designs discussed above, the best plancha grill may come with different other accessories to make them more effective in the use. Here are some of the products to consider attaching to the grill.

  • Greasetrays; designed to collect the excess grease from the barbecue. It helps to avoid wastage and to ease later cleaning.
  • Thermocouple; this enables us to cut off the gas when there is no flame.
  • Plancha trolleys; to allow the independent movement of the grill.
  • Cover; a hood that helps to protect the plancha from excess moisture.
  • Tilted cooking plates; a mechanism that makes grease to flow easier on the barbecue.

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